Your Own Private Island of Peace  and Tranquility

 With EFT, discover your own private island of inner peace & tranquility.

  Private Island of Peace & Tranquility

The broad range of problems EFT can relieve is so vast I can’t help thinking we EFT practitioners  ( who use it daily ) feel like we’re living on a private island away from grinding pressures of life that depress so many people.  Judge for yourself.  Read the list below and consider what it means. This list contains titles (or descriptions) of just a few testimonials taken from hundreds formerly on the site hosted Gary Craig, the creator of EFT. Many of these can still be found at

  1.)  A 10-year-old boy's trauma from sexual molestation is neutralized
         with EFT in one session.

       The skeptic says: This is ridiculous. Getting over serious trauma takes years of counseling,
       and probably will never be completely erased.

  2.)  EFT session helps girl get over her dyslexia      

         The skeptic says: People are born with dyslexia. Schools across the nation have programs           to help children with this disability.  If it were possible to get over dyslexia quickly, school                corporations would already be using this technique.

  3.)  Shortcut version of EFT enhances classroom performance

         The skeptic says: Once again, if a simple method existed to enhance classroom
         performance, schools would already be using it.

  4.)  EFT neutralizes 10-year-old girl's hatred of math

         The skeptic says: This is just plain crazy! You can’t erase anybody’s hatred of anything

  5.)  EFT Enhances Math Scores

         The skeptic says: Okay, maybe EFT could help somebody concentrate a bit more on math,
         but—so what?

  6.)  Success with a 6 year old: coughing, sleep problem, and school issue

         The skeptic says:   Are you kidding me? How could the same technique that stops                         somebody from coughing also relieve a sleep problem and a school issue? Doesn’t make               sense!

  7.)  EFT for Jason's Motion Sickness

         The skeptic says: I doubt it. Some people are sensitive and get motion-sick and some don’t.
         It’s just how you’re made.

  8.)  EFT helps 10 year old Josh learn multiplication tables rapidly

       The skeptic says:  Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.  My son could have benefited from this,
       but in reality some people are just good with numbers and some aren’t.

  9.)  Drowning related trauma relief for a 9 year old boy

10.) EFT helps adult learners overcome school and math anxiety

         The skeptic says:  Well, maybe. I suppose a relaxation technique could do that, but that’s               no big deal.

11.) EFT for sports anxiety, heat sensitivity, being away from home,                          loneliness, fear of insects                  

         The skeptic says:  Another crazy one!  I’m wasting my time reading this malarkey. I think              I’ll go check my email.

12.) EFT calms restless preschoolers

         The skeptic says:  Why am I still reading this stupid list?

13.) EFT neutralizes a rebellious teen's anger

         The skeptic says:  Boy! I’d love to know how to do this one with my kid. Too bad it’s only
         something mentioned on this scam website!

14.) New Asthma Treatment Provides Impressive Relief Without Drugs

       The skeptic says:  A quick fix for Asthma and doctors don’t know about it? Do you also
       sell Snake Oil in a 32 oz. bottle? Ha!

15.) 9-year-old boy uses EFT to deal successfully with divorce and
         school problems

         The skeptic says: What a joke! I should tell my psychologist about this website. He’d  
         probably get kick out of it.

16.) Acupuncturist uses EFT and eliminates her own shingles in three days

         The skeptic says: I looked up Shingles on several medical websites.  They said absolutely
         nothing about EFT.

17.) EFT for enhancing sports performance ( Red Wing High School         
         Girls Basketball team in Minnesota)

         The skeptic says: Hmmm. Maybe so, but I wonder how many people are going to do a net
         search to see if that team really exists?

18.) Using EFT for Allergy Relief

       The skeptic says:  This is so bogus. Nobody I know with allergies has ever mentioned
       anything about EFT. If it worked I would have heard something about it.

19.) Using EFT for Physical Therapy

       The skeptic says:  My brother and my uncle are both physical therapists, and they’ve never
       said a word about EFT.   (and that’s probably because they’re
like this physical therapist.)

20.) EFT newbies speak -- childbirth, allergies, phobias, back pain &
       rheumatoid arthritis

       The skeptic says:  Okay! There’s just no way I can believe this.

21.) EFT clears severe pain and retrieves a lost voice for an eleven-year-
         old girl in forty minutes

Hi, this is Steve DeSanto, your host, checking in. Just wanted to say again that I was a huge skeptic of EFT until I tried it and got great results. While typing “the skeptic’s viewpoint” for the above issues, I realized how strange it must seem to anyone unfamiliar with EFT to read all the things it can achieve.

Getting emotional and physical relief with EFT is one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced in my life. And as a Christian, I see it as one more God-given gift we can use to minister to each other. And yet, because of the Apex Effect, I find that other Christians, who do care about helping others, are just as blind as anybody else.

Okay, one other thing before getting back to the list:

There seem to be 2 kinds of skeptics: positive and negative. The positive skeptic wants to believe something and looks for evidence to back up his desire to believe. The negative skeptic is cynical and has most of his beliefs set in stone. He looks only for reasons to back up his disbelief because believing something new might rock his belief system. Both groups think they’re looking for truth. What do you think? And now, back to the rest of the EFT success list.

22.) Challenging needle phobia is eliminated

23.) Fear of needles is cleared after addressing many aspects with EFT

24.) Using EFT to increase blood platelet count –
       an article with far reaching implications

25.) EFT for conquering a stuttering problem

26.) Using EFT for Bereavement

27.) A seven year old learns EFT and calms his own ADHD

28.) Using EFT for emotional causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

29.) Treating negative beliefs with EFT

30.) Anthony's water phobia --gone in an afternoon

31.) Allergies alleviated in 7 year old child - Success where nothing else worked

32.) EFT helps with hair loss, facial blemishes, hay fever, smoking and PMS

                       Have you read about these skeptics, yet?

33.) Fear of birds is minimized in minutes

34.) EFT works for cellulitis on 3 separate occasions

35.) Dispersing 50 years worth of suppressed emotion

36.) Cross dressing, sexuality and depression (amazing relief with EFT)

37.) Progress with Parkinson's Disease

38.) Gordon was in a psychiatric hospital for two years and was released two 
         weeks after one EFT session

39.) Using EFT to self-calm an intense anger tanrum

40.) An EFT method for installing new behaviors

41.) EFT helps vision loss, balance problems and postnasal drip in a
         14-year-old girl

42.) EFT for difficulty telling left from right

43.) Relief of Diabetic neuropathy and constant toe pain

44.) 40 year debilitating migraine - and much more - gone

45.) Trigeminal Neuralgia - perhaps the worst pain known to medical science                   disappears after addressing core issues with EFT

46.) EFT for sports performance starts with eliminating knee pain

47.) 22 years of pain from degenerative arthritis gone after persistent EFT

48.) Pain from severe lower back injury is resolved with three rounds of EFT

49.) 30 years of insomnia cleared in one EFT session

50.) Shingle symptoms gone in just two EFT sessions

51.) MD uses EFT to treat Sjogren's Syndrome with impressive results

52.) EFT and Type 1 Diabetes - blood sugar level goes from 300 to 115
       after 5 minutes of EFT

53.) EFT for hay fever, severe cellulitis and tattoo pain

54.) EFT collapses seasickness ...

55.) Using EFT to release the pain of saying goodbye

56.) Rapid relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

57.) Using EFT for Cerebral Palsy

58.) An aneurysm left a man’s hand shaking, unable to write for 12 years.
         After one hour of EFT he is writing again.

59.) Type 1 Diabetic taps 3 times per day and his doctor reduces prescribed
         insulin by 75% Arthritis pain also subsides

60.) A 14-year-old boy with dyslexia gets glowing reports in school after EFT…

61.) A newbie overcomes her own needle phobia

62.) Facial paralysis clears in one EFT session

63.) Acute leg pain and two rashes disappear after using EFT…

64.) Twelve years of ankle pain vanishes–18 month follow-up still shows no pain

65.) EFT for painful cystitis gets lasting results in 15 minutes …

66.) 23 year hair pulling compulsive disorder ends at level 1 workshop

67.) Osgood-Schlatter symptoms disappear in minutes with EFT 

68.) 11-year-old successfully taps for her own fear of going to camp

69.) After EFT, 8-year-old boy no longer has fear and panic about being alone
         in a room

70.) Dr. Fred Feldstein eliminates 7-year-old girl’s dog phobia and bed-wetting

71.) Dyslexia vanishes and with it go other issues.

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